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High quality french bulldogs

high Quality French bulldogs

Hi, I'm Myles

the proud owner and devoted caretaker at Pawz-N-Clawz Puppies. I started Pawz-N-Clawz with my Uncle, Brad. My journey with dogs began as a child when I was introduced to my first four-legged friend. From that moment on, I was captivated by the unique bond we share with these incredible creatures. Over the years, my love for dogs has grown into a profound passion, leading me to the world of responsible dog breeding. At Pawz-N-Clawz Puppies I am committed to upholding the highest standards of responsible breeding. This commitment stems from a deep respect for the welfare of dogs and a desire to contribute positively to the canine community. I believe that responsible breeding is not only about producing beautiful dogs but also about ensuring their physical and emotional well-being. I've invested countless hours in learning about dog breeds, genetics, and canine health. This dedication to continuous education allows me to make informed decisions in the breeding process, prioritizing the health and temperament of our dogs. I understand the immense responsibility that comes with being a breeder. Each puppy that leaves represents a part of my vision for healthier, happier dogs and satisfied, loving families. I aim to not only provide you with a wonderful addition to your family but also to share my knowledge and experience to help you provide the best possible care for your new companion. When you choose a puppy from us, you're not just getting a dog; you're becoming a part of our extended family. I am here for you every step of the way, offering support, guidance, and a wealth of information to ensure your new furry family member thrives in your care.

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French Bulldogs are very loyal to their owners. Your new companion will easily become your best friend.  The lifelong bond you and your family will form with your Frenchie will be truly special.


French bulldogs are very charismatic and full of personality. Frenchies are guaranteed to bring your family great joy. Their unique personalities and fun demeanor will bring many laughs and help your family create lots of memories. 

charasmatic & full of personality

French Bulldogs make the best cuddle buddies because of their loving and affectionate nature. The best part of our day is coming home and snuggling up with our Frenchie's on the couch. 

Best Cuddles

French Bulldogs make the best family dogs. Their loving demeanor and very playful personality will have you falling in love with them the first time you meet them. 

Fantastic family dog

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French Bulldogs make outstanding family companions. These sweet, comical, smart little souls are one of the sweetest and most gentle dogs, making them ideal for families....These pups are the real deal!

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