Pawz-N-Clawz puppies

-DOB: September 1st, 2022
-DNA Tested, AKC Registered
-Visual: Fawn Fluffy 
-Weight: 20 pounds
-Chanel is our beautiful Full Fluffy female. Her soft, furry coat is one of a kind. Her stunning features and great structure creates a Show- Stopping look! She is very sensitive and charismatic. Her friendly demeanor and her outgoing personality makes us all fall quickly in love with her. Chanel's name describes her glamorous features. She Loves to have fun and is known for her famous "zoomies" during playtime.


-DOB: March 18th, 2023
-DNA Tested, AKC Registered
-Visual: Sable
-Weight: 22 pounds
-Nugget is a Full Fluffy female. She is the baby of our females. The camera loves Nugget! Her beautiful fluffy coat, large structured face, and gorgeous color scheme, make her one-of-a-kind.  She is going to have beautiful babies in the near future. Her diverse personality matches her beauty. Nugget is satisfied to cuddle on the couch or play for hours. She has been the perfect addition to our family!

 -DOB: September 1st, 2022
-DNA Tested, AKC Registered
-Visual: Fawn (Carries Fluffy Gene)
-Weight: 17 pounds
-We call her our "little biscuit" because she is the smallest Frenchie in our family. She is our fawn girl. She will melt your heart within minutes of meeting her. She gives puppy dog eyes a whole new meaning. With her short legs and big  head she is going to have the most lovable, micro puppies. She has a very calming personality. Biscuit is very content and is the perfect lap dog and snuggly companion. 


-DOB: March 29, 2023
-DNA Tested, AKC Registered
-Visual:  Lilac Merle (Fluffy Carrier Gene)
-Weight:  22 pounds
Diamond is a Lilac Merle female. She has stunning features, and an outstanding structure.  Her unique eye color and show-stopping markings make her stand out in a crowd. Diamond is mild-mannered and loving. She loves to be held and cuddled and is the true definition of "man's best friend".


-DOB: Feb 21, 2023
-DNA Tested, AKC Registered
-Visual: Blue Pie
-Weight 23 pounds
-Our Layla is a Blue Pied female. She has a beautiful white coloring and is very photogenic. Her unique black eye-patch makes her stand out amongst the other Frenchies. Layla is highly intelligent, making her training very easy.  Layla is full of energy and has a spirited personality. This makes playtime a lot of fun! The perfect evening for Layla is to be in the yard playing fetch with her ball. 


-DOB: August 28th, 2022
-DNA Tested, AKC Registered
-Stud Service Open
-Visual: Blue Merle Sir
-Weight: 24 pounds
-Ricky is a Full Fluffy, Blue Merle, male French bulldog.  His beautiful coloring and great structure makes him the perfect stud. Ricky's lineage and  exceptional DNA traits confirm he is a carrier with outstanding genes. Ricky was the first French bulldog we purchased. From the moment I brought him home I knew he was SPECIAL. With his energetic personality, and his quirky expressions, he is the most entertaining and loving dog I have ever been around.


The parents of pawz-n-Clawz


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