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Stud Service

Ricky is a full Fluffy Blue Merle French Bulldog and is available for stud services. He is a true testament to elegance and charm. With his striking coat of Blue merle and a luxurious, fluffy texture, he’s a rare gem in the French Bulldog world. Not only does he boast stunning looks, but he also possesses a friendly and affectionate temperament, making him the perfect candidate for our stud service. His health is top-notch, ensuring the best possible genetics for your breeding needs. If you’re seeking a remarkable partner for your breeding program, our male Blue Merle Fluffy French Bulldog is ready to contribute his unique qualities and exceptional genes to your endeavor. 

Ricky is a full fluffy blue merle French Bulldog

Ricky’s DNA: a/a CO/co d/d I/i ky/ky L1/L4 m/M S/sp

Stud Fee: $1,000

If overnight shipping of the semen is required, an additional fee of $300 for each shipment, along with the stud fee, is due in full the day before shipment. If the payment is not made by then, we will not send the semen. The fee for shipping is for the expense of the insulated shipping container and overnight priority shipping.